Our Team

Smiles Dental aims to provide individuals with a comfortable and relaxing environment where we strive to exceed your expectations through professional results and our friendly staff.

Eva (Office Manager)

Eva is friendly and sweet experienced in all areas of Dentistry, , she knows how to help you with your insurance needs and those complicated treatment plan arrangements. We are so thrilled to have Eva as part of our professional office admin team.

Susan (Case Manager)

Sue is super efficient, friendly and just plain wonderful We are so happy to have her as part of our admin team. Sue has the experience to help you with all your scheduling and treatment questions.

Crystal (Treatment Coordinator)

Personality plus, Crystal will do everything she can to make sure you are happy and comfortable and all administration and insureance needs are met with fun, flare and caring...we just lover her to bits!

Sharon (Treament Coordinator)

Sharon has been with us as a treatment coordinator for many years. Even though it is only part time, Sharon is always happy and helpful. Sharon is available to answer your questions regarding scheduling and just about anything else as well!


You will just love Ofri! She is sweet and very concerned about the welfare of all the patients she sees. Ofri is a great team member and her gentle touch will ensure your comfort!

Lana (Level II Assistant)

Lana is so great and her assisting skills are off the charts! She is sweet and very concerned about the welfare of all the patients she sees. Lana is a great team member with a gentle touch!

Melanie (Hygienist)

Melanie is so gentle and nice, yet super professional with lots of experience to give you the confidence that she will help you with your periodontal concerns and keep your teeth sparkling clean and healthy! Mel is a delight!


Probably the world's most fun and cheerful person. Joy graduated from George Brown and has been with our practice for 15 years. Her laugh can be heard throughout the office and our patients adore her hygiene skills and her happy nature


Nancy has been working here at smiles for many years.. She graduated from Seneca College Nancy brings a friendly, competent feel to the office with a high degree of expertise.

Gwen (Level II Assistant and Hygienist)

What a sweetie! Gwen is the one to hold your hand and make you feel at ease. She is always smiling and laughing to make your appointment fun and easy going.

George (Lab Technician)

Artist, Meticulous, and excellence are the words that describe George. Having an IN HOUSE lab allows us to do work for you that can be done no-where else. Customized to your needs so it looks, feels and acts perfectly every time!

Carlo (Denture Therapist)

Carlo has been working as a team with Dr. Goodlin for over 20 years. Together they will provide you with your new smile whether it is an implant supported Prosthesis or a simple partial…Making you smile!