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Video Blog Feature Transformation: Kim

  Hi name is Kim and I be putting my best tooth forward (pardon the pun!) by sharing my personal journey through cosmetic dentistry with you. I'm not sure if this is a mid-life thing or envy of my two children who will be getting orthodontics soon. My kids chuckle about having a mom who fashions braces, nice shoes and clothing. 

I wish I had braces as a kid but my dentist did not even mention it! I had plastic (non-permanent) bonding done in my 30's to fill in my gaps. Over the years, the bonds chipped away and I became increasingly self-conscious about the gaps between my teeth as well as my front teeth's (triangular) shape and size.

I am a professional woman in the mid 40s and I am seeing more women like me wearing braces and having their teeth whitened. Perhaps it is a spillover effect from their children's orthodontics. We often indulge our children so much but not ourselves. Fixing my smile is something for me, myself and I. Hey, is fixing my teeth as part of maintaining my overall appearance any different than getting my nails done or colouring my hair?

I love to smile and I have a big smile. A smile is the first thing I notice when I look at someone. My decision to fix my smile is part of my personal and professional reinvention. I can't wait to see and flash my beautiful new straighter and whiter smile soon.

I hope you will follow me along my dental journey as I share my progress and perspective.

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