Kim's Transformation


Part One

Hi name is Kim and I be putting my best tooth forward (pardon the pun!) by sharing my personal journey through cosmetic dentistry with you. I'm not sure if this is a mid-life thing or envy of my two children who will be getting orthodontics soon. My kids chuckle about having a mom who fashions braces, nice shoes and clothing. 

I wish I had braces as a kid but my dentist did not even mention it! I had plastic (non-permanent) bonding done in my 30's to fill in my gaps. Over the years, the bonds chipped away and I became increasingly self-conscious about the gaps between my teeth as well as my front teeth's (triangular) shape and size.

I am a professional woman in the mid 40s and I am seeing more women like me wearing braces and having their teeth whitened. Perhaps it is a spillover effect from their children's orthodontics. We often indulge our children so much but not ourselves. Fixing my smile is something for me, myself and I. Hey, is fixing my teeth as part of maintaining my overall appearance any different than getting my nails done or colouring my hair?

I love to smile and I have a big smile. A smile is the first thing I notice when I look at someone. My decision to fix my smile is part of my personal and professional reinvention. I can't wait to see and flash my beautiful new straighter and whiter smile soon.

I hope you will follow me along my dental journey as I share my progress and perspective.


Part Two

My kids were learning about puberty in school this week. One of their assignments was to ask their parents about what it is like to be grown up. My response jokingly was that I don't feel grown up because I just got braces! So now I am known as the mom with braces.

I had to reflect on what it's like to be a grown up with braces? I am not embarrassed or self-conscious about wearing them. It is so short term (a few months). I focus more on the long-term outcome – my soon to be beautiful white teeth and smile – than the short-term inconvenience of wearing braces.

When the braces were first put on, it felt strange to have something foreign on my teeth. I have to be vigilant about the how and what I eat. For example, I can't bite anything hard with my front teeth. At the beginning, I ate a lot of smoothies, egg white omelets, pasta and soft rather than solid foods because I was scared that I'd otherwise break the wires or brackets. A good side effect to braces is that I lost those nagging 5 pounds of winter weight! And I am already starting to see my teeth shift!


Part Three

I believe I'm about half way through the process and thought I'd share my thoughts about the dental process thus far. I've been visiting Dr. Goodlin weekly for regular orthodontic adjustments. I haven't at all minded the visits because I am committed to doing whatever it takes to close the gaps between my teeth expeditiously and having the braces removed as quickly as possible.

The appointments to tighten the braces take less than 5 minutes. Driving to Dr. Goodlin's office has been effortless given that there is never any traffic. Parking is free. The office has a fireplace and the walls are populated by Dr. Goodlin's beautiful photography. I feel like I am walking into a warm living room. Dr. Goodlin and his friendly assistants see me immediately upon my arrival.


Part Four

Today is a milestone day for my new smile and the new me!

The gap between my two front teeth has closed and the spaces between the other teeth have been evened out. What this means is that Dr. Goodlin will be able to build a little bit on each of 6 teeth instead of building up a lot on only the front two where the old big space was. Now all the teeth will look proportionate to one another and I won't look like I have two big fat front teeth.

Dr. Goodlin placed a ribbon on the back of my front teeth to hold the teeth in their new position. Next week the braces come off!

I am so impressed by the process thus far. At the onset of the cosmetic dentistry procedure, Dr. Goodlin assured me that the braces would be on for one to three months. I must admit that I was initially a bit skeptical about this short time frame because I just assumed that wearing braces is a several year investment of time.